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My approach is quite physically oriented.
I prefer the rooted sight of things instead of esoteric.
I do appreciate spirituality.

To me Tantra means -
time and space,
allowing for things that already exist to show themselves,
mindful perception,
meeting one’s counterpart,
embracing boundaries.

Sexual Coaching can bring light into aspects of a person which she/he is carrying within her/himself and didn't know about her/himself so far.
Sexuality holds an amazing creative power. I recommend you to discover and live it!
In the many years of working with people who have found a new approach to their sexuality through tantric rituals, I met many couples who learned about and saw themselves and their partner in a new way and experienced a new spark in their passion.

For lovers it can be a great adventure to take time for themselves and focus on their sexual encounter in a way that is free from intention. Verbalizing sexual needs during the coaching can be quite liberating. Sometimes it's not so complicated to let each other know which way we like it, how we like our body to be touched. It's only that we are not used to putting it into words.
Sometimes we don't know ourselves and have to find out first. We have to find out which kind of touch we feel comfortable with. Then we find words to express those preferences.
Once we dare to express those feelings, a fulfilling sex-life comes into reach. Both of these aspects mentioned can be learned and the lessons can be fun. I love to work with couples because it’s beautiful to see a special, still unknown world arising between them.

It can change your world to know that you’re no longer alone with the issue of communicating about sex.