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I often get asked what the term “Tantra” means.

This question is not that simple to answer because if you take a look at what is on offer on the internet, you will find plenty of different things called Tantra. All these contain different aspects of a philosophy that no longer exists in its original form.
Like everything else in life, it has been in constant motion and has experienced changes over time. Today, the name is being used for practices in various fields, from meditation to sex.
All of them are part of what is called Urban Neotantra, simply because we are not living in ancient India.

Tantra today

Tantric Massage as we know it today has been developed in Europe from the 1970s.
It's a beautiful way of connecting body and soul through the use of sexual energy.
In this context, however, the concept of energy has been exhausted and burdened with esotericism and mumbo-jumbo and is not scientifically tenable.
To me, the image of energy lines in our bodies is a model - no more, no less. While I use this model sometimes within my work if I feel someone can benefit from it, it is not the basis of my work.
What is the basis for my work is the physical and emotional state of my client together with my intuition. I am using this model of energy lines and chakras under these circumstances, inviting the client to visualize them. This works well, for example, with male clients who wish to delay ejaculation. You could also call this sexual energy sexual force because it is an amazingly strong force in ourselves, being able to create or to destroy.


The client , female or male, is led through a sensual journey through her/his body – and through emotional sensations.
The focus lies on the client’s very own sensations. Relaxation, tension, eroticism, joy, but also sadness or any other emotion may surface.
We welcome all of those possibilities and work with them.