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The discovery of the Yoni

At a certain point in her life, a woman realizes that she would love to know her body really well.
For the quality of her sexual encounters and the communication with her partner(s), it is important for her to know her own body and its needs so well that she can express precisely which kind of touch and movements she really likes.

Apart from offering sex counselling and Tantric Bodywork, I also offer workshops and mini-workshops for women.
A mini-workshop can even take place with only one woman.

In these workshops women rediscover their bodies.
Worlds as yet unknown may open up.
On this journey of discovery, we walk very slowly. Going slowly is not what we are used to in these fast-moving times even though for many of us, it would be essential for the discovery of our true sensuality.
You can attend a workshop alone or with a girlfriend.

If you want to do something similar with your male partner, consider a coaching for lovers.
For larger groups I offer a full-day-workshop or a weekend-workshop.


Session 1,5 hours 180 Euros
Session 2 hours 230 Euros
Session 2,5 hours 280 Euros