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Coaching for Lovers

Learn and experience new ways of touching each other sensually.
You and your partner will learn the basics of giving and receiving Yoni Massage and Lingam Massage. During this session, you will get hands on practice as part of the coaching.
My longstanding experience has often shown that couples – no matter if they have been together for almost their whole life or just met recently – benefit immensely from this training in their relationships.
Moreover, you’ll spend both exciting and relaxing hours together while being coached.

My access to Tantric Bodywork is to always tune in to the needs of my client/s.
I practice a very individual, intuitive style of work, mixing and matching techniques and methods of touch, after having negotiated what we’ll do in a detailed verbal exchange with my client/s.


 Coaching 3 hours 320 Euros
 Coaching 4 hours 400 Euros
 Coaching whole day (8 hours incl. 80 min break) 680 Euros