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When, through physical touch, the entire being feels touched, we enter a state in which we feel most safe and secure.
To me, the key to this kind of experience is my complete presence and fully getting involved with my client’s current situation.

Most men who come to see me have the wish for relaxation and want to develop their sexuality in some way.
Many of them bear a lot of responsibilities in their jobs, which are often time-consuming and primarily rationally oriented, removing them from their body. Therefore, men often don't find time for themselves, which can lead to their sexual development getting stuck.

I’m happy to work with you on issues like your wish to


  • be able to let go (again)

  • Learn techniques to delay ejaculation

  • Explore your pelvic floor
  • learn techniques that support erection
  • handle unusual inclinations
  • live sexuality after surgeries
  • experience sexual energy in your own body by being touched
  • enjoy to be touched

The focus is on your body.

No oral or genital intercourse will happen.


Session 1,5 hours 180 Euros
Session 2 hours 230 Euros
Session 2,5 hours 280 Euros